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Attract Wealth Into Your Life By Creating A Rich And Impactful Relationship With Your Finances.

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This 8 step action plan will take you from an insecure spender to an in-charge money queen. Learn how to break through limiting beliefs and create saving & investing systems that work for your lifestyle. Cultivate a long-term healthy relationship with your income so it can grow effortlessly. Adjust the habits that are holding you back to become crystal clear on what you want to achieve financially and learn the exact steps to do it.


This step-by-step action plan will not only step your game up financially, but it will also help you walk in your purpose while you get your coins! Ready to create a new stream of income? Feel called to try something new? Learn how to focus your one-of-a-kind money-making talents into something that can generate some extra dollars. I take you from idea to the first customer. Teach you how to get creative with branding and help you find a niche that’s unique to your story.

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Helping You Elevate Your Personal Finances and Business Passions.

Money Mindset Coaching is not only for people who are “bad” with money.


Your relationship with money is one of the longest most intense relationships you’ll experience in your lifetime. It’s better to take charge of it before it takes charge of you!

It doesn’t matter where you are in your money journey.

If you’re just starting to get serious about building your net worth or you are comfortable financially and wondering what your next step is Money Mindset Coaching is for you! 

  • Need to create a system to put more money in your savings that feels easy and effortless?

  • Want to learn how to create an investment strategy that will put your hard-earned money to work?

  • Trying to recognize and shake those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your next level?

  • Looking for a judgment-free zone where you can talk openly and honestly about your wealth goals and how you can realistically achieve them?


“On Weekends We Invest is a wonderful package of information and motivation. What makes this presentation extra special is how the information is served. As her name suggests, Miss Money Mindset starts off with addressing the mindset hiccups a lot of new investors face. Then she presents so much important and nourishing investing information in a format that you can understand and apply right away! By the end of this video, you will be ready to actually start investing if you haven’t, and you will likely be presented with new ways to optimize your current investing if you’re already investing. On Weekends We Invest is absolutely worthy of your consideration if you are looking to expand your investing knowledge.”


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