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I’m Sara June,


After years of spending money just as fast as I made it, I was fed up after working so hard year after year and having NOTHING to show for it.

By the age of 22, I was stuck in a physically abusive relationship, addicted to drugs, hustling day after day, addicted to money, I was miserable.

I realized I was wasting my time chasing money and decided it was time to transform into the woman I truly wanted to be. I was ready to get healthy, face my finances, and learn how to build something meaningful with my money.

I wanted to be my own boss, create my own business, and write my own checks. I wanted to know exactly what to do with my money to make it work for me instead of just sitting around in my bank account.

5 years later and I’ve built an amazing platform for women just like me to learn how to walk in their purpose and develop rich ass abundant relationships with their money. I teach women how to go after their financial goals strategically and ruthlessly through the power of, investing, budgeting, and saving.

Ready to transform your money story from frustrating and overwhelming to affluent, aligned, and flowing easily?

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