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It's time to start your own business and take control of your financial identity. 

I'm here to help.

One day you woke up and realized... What the fuck am I doing with my life?

You're stuck making money for someone else.

You have all these ideas but haven't figured out to turn them into cash flow. 


Or you've been playing small and procrastinating on turning your side hustle into a full blown business.


Maybe you feel like you have everything in order but still get this constant nagging feeling that you are  meant for more.

You're fighting against what your life is NOW vs what you KNOW it can be. 

We are no longer sitting on our million dollar ideas. 

We are no longer trading in our time to make other people rich. 


If you've landed on this page you know exactly what I'm talking about.

You're a real boss and you handle business when it comes to making money, getting the bills paid and even having enough left over to splurge on yourself. Living the life where you don't really have to think much farther ahead than paying bills and having fun was great, but now you ready to step it the fuck up. 


t's time for an overall lifestyle upgrade. I mean, after all, you work HARD. You deserve to be able to live the life you dream of, no matter what that means to you.


But, what do you do when you:

  • Don't know how to level up your life across the board

  • Want to switch jobs to something that feels more in alignment with who you are

  • Have a hard time staying focused and consistent

I can tell you what happens. You end up getting caught up in life and forget all about your own aspirations to have a comfortable lifestyle where you can work from home, work for yourself, or choose not to work at all (when you don't want to).


You forget how bad you wish you could write your own paycheck. And as life goes on, you lose time. Sometimes it's a couple months and sometimes it's a couple years. Either way you've put your own dreams, wants and needs on the back burner again.


You are a money making goddess and despite how you may feel right now or at the end of a long work day, everything you need to step into your high end self and manifest an abundance of money is already inside of you. And I'm here as your coach to show you all the steps necessary to win.

I'm launching the Pillow Princess Business Bootcamp. This is an 8 week program where I walk you through:

  • Step 1: Finding your money making spark.

  • Step 2: Understanding the online business world.

  • Step 3: Building a profitable brand unique to you.

  • Step 4: Getting all your business tech in order.

  • Step 5: Creating a product that you love.

  • Step 6: Unlocking the email marketing secret.

  • Step 7: Building a fool proof 90-day sales strategy.

  • Step 8: Ready, Set, LAUNCH!



Image by Gabrielle Henderson

Sapphire Level Investment


  • 1 (60 minute) 1:1 Business Coaching session

  • CEO Mindset Makeover Mini Course

  • 8 Step Pillow Princess Business Building Course

Emerald  Level  Investment


  • 3 (60 minute) 1:1 business coaching sessions to help guide you through the business building process.

  • Unlimited email access to review content ideas, assist with tech set up, and help with product launching.

  • Detailed step by step accountability action plan.

  • CEO Mindset Makeover Mini Course

Diamond Level Investment



  • (8) 60 minute 1:1 sessions to walk you through every level of building your business.

  • Full Target Client Breakdown (In depth Worksheet)

  • Crash Course in Content Creation (Canva 101)

  • CEO Mindset Makeover Course

  • Step by Step Accountability Action Plan

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  • You are determined to get to your next level.

  • Want to turn what you know into a profitable business

  • Confident in your ability to make money, but still need some guidance

  • Want to discover your true talents and how to monetize them

  • You're dealing with anxiety around money

  • Experience Imposter Syndrome (You know you can do it, but still second guess yourself!)

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