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Finance Finesse 101 ($$$ Date)

Time for a money date!

Sit down with your laptop, some champagne, tea, or whatever the hell you feel like. Light a candle, turn on some sexy music, and grab your journal.

Let's stop running from our debt, our bills, our money worries, and show them they don't scare us. Time to face our finances and show our debt some love.

Download the TrueBill app and get familiar with all of your accounts.

How much do you owe? How many bills do you pay every month?

If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath.

Debt does NOT equal shame. It's simply a number.

The more in tune you are with your finances the less you have to stress about.

Spend 30 minutes each week focusing on all of your accounts. Take note on where you spend your money vs how much your spending.

Lastly congratulate yourself your being a wealthy ass bitch that takes charge of her finances instead of running from them.

Get it you rich ass bitch!!!

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