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Millionaire Mindset Challenge (Happy 50th!)

Pull out your journal and dedicate 10 minutes to your inner rich bitch self.

Imagine it's your 50th birthday. You're celebrating at your favorite 5 star restaurant with all of your closest friends and family. Your heels are high. Body snatched. Wallet overflowing. Heart and soul is at peace. Your best friend stands up to give a speech about your life and accomplishments.

What does she say?

Here is what my BFF would say...

"Sara. This fabulous bitch has written her own rules in life. Not only does she give love purely and abundantly but she always travels first class and would never leave me in coach. She was handed an average life and made it extraordinary. A single mom in her twenties she juggled jobs, kids, relationships, and still found a way to build an empire that has helped thousands of women create their own wealth. She is the friend you can cry to, the friend you can bounce business ideas off of, and the friend that will love you for life. Every decade she gets more glamorous, more inspiring, and more graceful. Not only has she brought all of us out here to the Maldives to celebrate her life but she keeps the champagne flowing! We love you Sara! To 50 more stunning and sexy years!"

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