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Meet your favorite money girl: Rich Bitch of the Month (Who is MissMoneyMindset?)

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

CREATOR OF MISSMONEYMINDSET LLC, SARA JUNE. A woman on a mission and former self proclaimed money addict, getting coin has always been her calling. The fast life has taught her a million lessons. Lessons she's sharing to help women avoid the huge money mistakes she’s struggled with. Running away from a financially and physically abusive relationship with nothing left but her hustle, forced her to get real with her life and face her finances head on. Now a personal finance fiend and Money Mindset Coach, she's creating a safe space for hustlers to get money and keep money. She's on a mission to teach real wealth building while keeping our heart, soul, and mind just as full as our bank accounts.

What does a rich bitch look like to you? A rich bitch is someone who see's money for what it really is. A tool and energy force used to catapult herself and others into freedom. Being rich starts in your mind and your soul long before it hits your bank account. No dollar amount can make a bitch rich. A rich bitch uses her grace and natural talents to create a better world not just for herself but for those around her. She walks in her purpose, abundance, and magic just as she is, and she doesn't let a single person tell her other wise.

How would you describe your relationship with money? My relationship with money is always evolving. I can openly and honestly admit I have a slight obsession with money...This obsession stems from deep anxieties surrounding money. Anxieties i've struggled with for a majority of my life. I had to learn to let go of the control money had on me and rebuild my relationship with money from the ground up. I am constantly learning new tools to strengthen my money mindset and become more financial literate every day so my relationship with money stays pure, positive, and powerful. I won't lie to you ladies and say its all peaches and cream because it isn't! Thats why MissMoneyMindset is so important to me. Strengthening that mindset is EVERYTHING to building a great relationship with money.

What is one luxury item you can't wait to buy? I can't wait to lease my first luxury business office. Im talking floor to ceiling glass walls, chandeliers, Swarovski studded mini fridges stocked with champagne. My goal is to open a super fly, super glam, financial planning and wealth education office for all my badass rich ladies. Im tired of stuffy old white guys monopolizing the financial planning industry. We deserve to have our own space where we feel free of judgement and actually enjoy learning about and growing our finances.

What is the best piece of financial advice you've ever gotten? The best financial advice i've every received is to dig deep, face your finances head on, and take control of your money story. Building wealth is not just about adding zeros to your bank account. You can have a million dollars and still have a horrible relationship with money. Until you fix that relationship you will always be chasing that next zero. A bitch is going to be too out of breath to enjoy any of it! What is one thing you do every day to get a little closer to your goals? I allow myself to daydream. Every day i remind myself of the life i'm working towards. There have been so many times that i've wanted to crawl under a rock, and give up on myself, my goals, and my bigger picture. But i don't. I am holding on to that dream HARD AF. No person or event is going to take that from me. It sounds so simple, but a dream turns into a plan, which turns into an action, and those actions build your life. Even if all I did that day was picture my dream life right before i fall asleep. I build my life from the inside out and refuse to let hustle culture tell me i'm not doing enough because i don't have a million projects going on.

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