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Creating a life of Excellence, Affluence, and, Abundance: The Ultimate Lifestyle Bootcamp.

Just because you're good at making money doesn't mean you're good at keeping it. And if you've landed on this page you probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

You're a real boss and you handle business when it comes to making money, getting the bills paid and even having enough left over to splurge on yourself. Living the life where you don't really have to think much farther ahead than paying bills and having fun was great, but now you want something more.

Whether that's a house (or bigger house), a nice car, etc. It's time for an overall lifestyle upgrade. I mean, after all, you work HARD. You deserve to be able to live the life you dream of, no matter what that means to you. But, what do you do when you:

  • Don't know how to level up your life across the board

  • Trying to switch jobs to something that feels more in alignment with who you are

  • Have a hard time saving or managing your money

I can tell you what happens. You end up getting caught up in life and forget all about your own aspirations to have a comfortable lifestyle where you can work from home, work for yourself, or choose not to work at all (when you don't want to).


You forget how bad you wish you could write your own paycheck. And as life goed on, you lose time. Sometimes it's a couple months and sometimes it's a couple years. Either way you've put your own dreams, wants and needs on the back burner again.


You are a money making goddess and despite how you may feel right now or at the end of a long work day, everything you need to step into your highest self and manifest an abundance of money is already inside of you. And I'm here as your coach to teach you how to tap into your own power.

That is why I created "Pretty With A Purpose". PWP is my 8 week program where I walk you through:

  • Creating your money goals and visualizing your ideal money situation

  • Looking at yourself honestly to discover what you really want

  • Getting real with your current money mindset / Where do your money fears or excitements stem from?

  • Facing your current money situations

  • The Millionaire Mindset Reset

  • Exploring new avenues for income

  • How to boldly and confidently put yourself out there

  • Becoming the CEO of your life

  • and moving forward!

It's time to hit the reset button on your money habits and goals, so you can level up and manifest the life that you know you deserve!


  • You are determined to get to your next level.

  • Want to turn what you know into a profitable business

  • Confident in your ability to make money, but still need some guidance

  • Want to discover your true talents and how to monetize them

  • You're dealing with anxiety around money

  • Experience Imposter Syndrome (You know you can do it, but still second guess yourself!)

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